Chagall's Kennel

' Our dogs are our Life not our Living'




Update: 2016-07-05




Elisabeth o Josef Kömüves

Alingsåsv. 248

504 75 BORÅS




+ 46 0735-285472








Miniature Schnauzer


Show News


  • Arca Halu Jackpot became BOS with Cac in Borås! 2016-07-03


  • In Malmö Chagall's Baby Bright Lights became Best Female-2 with R-Cac and Chagall's Pepper Jack recieve Excellent. 2016-03-20


  • In Denmark Chagall's Baby Brights light became BOS with Cac and also end up as BIS -4 junior and Club champion!! 2016-01-31


  • At MY DOG in Gothenburg Chagall's Mambo Jambo became BOB with Cac both showdays. Chagall's Baby Brights light was showed day 2, and became BOS with Cac











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