Chagall's Cross my heart. 'Maya' 



This year was a great year for our kennel. We get 2 new champion, 1 junior champion and 1 Nordic Junior winner. We export several dogs worldwide, there some already have start their show career. Dogs from our kennel have this year been showed in 10 different countries with great result. Thank you to all owner of Chagall's dogs. You have made us very proud!

2008-12-06 SKK , Hund 2008, Stockholm

Chagall's Rock'n'Roll  became Best Male-4 with Cac and Chagall's Queen of Spades                                  received CC  and became Best Female-3.

Well done Anna and 'Elton' and Agneta and 'Saga'

 2008-11-29 Croatia, Zagreb Int Show

Judge: Otto Schimpf, Austria                                                                                                       BIS judge: Keith Lovell, Australia

Chagall's Cross my heart became BIS-2 in baby class. Well done to 'Maya' and                                              congratulations to Kennel King Samurai, Hungary!!

 2008-11-29 Russia

J Ch Chagall's Rhapsody in Rock received Cac in Russia today. Well done 'Boomer' for always                          such nice showresult

   2008-11-08 DKK Herning Danmark, Nordic Winner Show 2008

Judge: Bo Lasthein Andersen, DK

Chagall's Sweet'N Sassy receive Excellent and CAC and became                                                      Nordic Junior winner -08. Thank you Mette for showing 'Alma' so well!!

 2008-10-31 SKK Växjö

                                                                                                                             BOB and BOS

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Cac and Best female-2

Judge: David Miller, USA

Chagall's Rock'n'Roll get Cac and became BOS. Chagall's Rumblin' Rose get Cac                                              and became Best Female-2. Well done to this two young dogs!!

 2008-10-12 ÖKK Open show

Pei Attention Mind the Gap have start his show career at a open show.                                            He became BOB and Group-2. Well done Brandon!! 

 2008-09-27 Open Show

Chagall's Queen of Spades became BOB, Group-1 and BIS-R at a Open Show today.                         Well done Saga!

 2008-09-21 DKK Ballerup, Denmark

Judge: Salvatore Tripoli, Italy 

Chagall's Sweet'N Sassy get her second Danish CAC today. Congratulations to the                           owner at Hafferlaffen Kennel


2008-09-14  Russia

Chagall's Rhapsody in Rock get JCAC and Best Junior today and is now                                        Junior Champion in Russia, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia!!         

Congratulations Elena!!                                            

2008-09-13 SKK Sofiero 

Chagall's Red Light became Best Male-4 with CC today in Sofiero.


2008-09-07 SKK Högbo

Judge: Petkevica Beata, Latvia

Chagall's Rock'n'Roll get Cac and became Best Male-2 today. Well done Anna and 'Elton'

2008-08-30 SvSpk Jönköping

At the Clubshow this year 2 dogs born in our kennel was showed. Chagall's Rock'n'Roll                       became Best Junior male with CC and Such DKuch Chagall's Red Light became Best Male-R                with CC. Caycicos Big Bang Believer who is a son to our 'Robin' became Best in Show puppy. Congratulations to his breeder and to his owner!

2008-08-24 Russia, Kaliningrad

He did it again! Chagall's Rhapsody in Rock took JCAC and became Best Junior and BOB!!!   Congratulations Elena and 'Boomer'.

Estonia, Tallin 2008-08-16

Chagall's Rhapsody in Rock get JCAC today.

2008-08-16 SKK Norrköping

Chagall's Rumblin' Rose became Best Bitch-4 with CC.

Poland, Sopot 2008-08-10

Chagall's Rhapsody in Rock get JCAC in Poland today.

Well done Boomer and Elena.



We welcome our new male. Pei Attention Mind the Gap 'Brandon'.                                                Thank you Anna for letting us co-own this litle super boy with you!!!!

2008-08-1-2 Lithuania, Vilnius

Chagall's Rhapsody in Rock got 2 x Best Junior with JCAC at a 2 days show                                          in Lithuania!!

2008-07-26 Russia
2008-07-27 Latvia

In Russia on Saturday, Chagall's Rhapsody in Rock became BOB with JCAC. On Sunday                         he recieved JCAC in Latvia!! Congratulations Elena!!

2008-07-26 SKK Ransäter

Chagall's Rock'n'Roll receive CC and became Best Male -3.


2008-07-19 SKK Köping

Judge: Barbara Wood, USA

NEW CHAMPION! Chagall's Stars'n Stripes became BOS with Cac and Cacib and is now                   Swedish Champion. Her son, Chagall's Rock'n'Roll became BOB with Cac.

Chagall's Rumblin' Rose got CC and became Best Female-2. 'Sandie' is our brood bitch                    Shengli Charmes 8th offspring how became Champion!! A day to remember!!!

2008-07-13 Denmark, Bornholm

Judge: Nina Karlsdotter

Chagall's Sweet 'n' Sassy became BOB with Cac. Well done Mette and 'Alma'!

2008-07-06 Poland

Chagall's Rhapsody in Rock got JCAC and became Best Junior!

Well done Elena and Boomer!!

Rumblin´ Rose, Rock´n´Roll and Lord of the Ring

2008-07-03 Chagall's at World dog show in Stockholm 2008

3 dogs from our kennel was showed at the WDS.

Chagall's Rumblin' Rose, very good in junior class
Chagall's Rock'n'Roll, excellent in junior class
Intuch Finuch Such DKuch EEch Finv-2004 Chagall's Lord of the Ring, excellent in                        Champion class

2008-06-07 Trondheim, Norway NKK

Judge: Marion Spavin, England

Chagall's Rock'n'Roll became BOS with Cac and Chagall's Queen of Spades got CC and              became Best female-3 in Norway.

2008-05-11-12 and 25 Russia

Chagall's Rhapsody in Rock became Best Puppy X 2 on May 11-12.

At his first show as junior he received JCAC! Well done Boomer!

2008-05-31 Norrköping

Judge: Thord Byström

Chagall's Cherry Pie became Best Bitch 3.

2008-05-10 Larv SKK

NEW CHAMPION. Chagall's Red Light became BOS with Cac today in Larv. He is now                   Swedish and Danish Champion.

Congratulations to the owner, Zambassadourgårdens Kennel

2008-03-29 Russia

Chagall's Rhapsody in Rock became Best Puppy at his first show!

Congratulations Elena and 'Boomer'

2008-03-22 Stockholm SKK

Chagall's Rumblin' Rose got price of honour at her first show as junior.

2008-02-24 Söderhamns Kennelklubb Puppyshow

Judge: Per-Erik Wallin

Chagall's Rumblin' Rose became BOB puppy.

Critique: En riktigt trevlig tik. Härligt huvud och uttryck. Mycket välfyllt nosparti. Små                        välställda öron. Skulle önska torrare ögon. Härlig kropp. Välburen svans. Passande benstomme.              Mycket sunda ben och tassar. Rätt päls. Härlig varm färg. Utmärkt rörelse. Vänligt temperament.

Photo: 'Elton's' co-owner Anna Thorsjö, Pei Attention

2008-01-12 SNK Östra, puppyshow, Nyköping

Judge: Liz-beth C Liljeqvist

Chagall's Rock'n'Roll became BOB and Group-3, first time out. Well done 'Elton'.

Critique: Vältypad utan svåra överdrifter. Vackert huvud och uttryck. Bra ögon. Fina öron.                     Utm benstomme och vinkl. Välburen svans. Härlig kropp. Sund päls och hud. Rastypiska rörelser.

2008-01-05 Gothenburg My Dog, SKK

Chagall's Red Light got CC and Best Male-R.